Friday, April 15, 2011

Halo Reach Wave 3 ODST Jetpack Trooper

The new wave of Halo Reach single figures were spotted at Walmart today. It was tough to decide whether I wanted to buy Jun or the ODST Jetpack (from this point on I am not going to keep saying Trooper at the end, since the 'T' in ODST stands for trooper). I ended up getting the ODST since I have wanted a good ODST figure since Halo 3. I managed to not get any of the ODST wave at release, so this Bullfrog will have to do. The fact that he comes with a Jetpack simply clinches the deal.
Jetpack! Coming to the rescue!
Here he is with my Halo 3 Master Chief for scaling.

This ODST is simply a marvelous figure. It makes me wish they had put out more waves in the ODST line, or that I had managed to get the Rookie or Buck, which are the two that were released.

  • Magnificent detail. All of the lines are crisp, clean, and have a purpose. No 'wandering' sculpt lines or seams that track off to nowhere. 
  • Good paint apps. There is the ever so small smudge of sloppiness on the VISR edge where the metallic blue touches gray, but I can live with it, which means normal people would never even notice it.
  • Highly articulated. I suppose it says something about how spoiled toy collectors are these days that the ODST figure's 28 points of articulation are considered good, but not ground breaking. Mine is new, and a bit stiff, but looks like he is ready for action.
  • Hidden joints. Due to 'floating' armor plates, our ODST hero looks far less flexible than he is, as most of his joints are hidden by his gear.
  • Holds his gun. Really, that's so rare it excites me to find it.
  • Scaling. This figure is as tall as the Master Chief, and is a little bit more burly.I suspect this is because they switched scale slightly in the transition between the Halo 3 and Halo Reach series. This ODST is likely in scale with my Noble Six figure. I wish it was handy for photography. Maybe another time.
  • Flexibility. I have already listed articulation as a pro. Plus I have mentioned how the joints look good since they are covered by gear. Well, all of that comes at a price, as our friend the ODST seems to get gear blocking a lot of the ways he wants to move. This seems particularly noticeable at the ankles, where his greaves make posing his feet a dicey proposition.
  • Small Feet. I know, a weird thing to notice, but even at his increased scale from Master Chief, our ODST's feet are half the size. What does this dude wear, like a size four? It makes him somewhat difficult to stand up, especially with his other ankle issues at large.
Final verdict. It's a great fig, and looks terrific posed or displayed. All of his accessories work exactly how they are supposed to. He just winds up being a little less fun to play with than the earlier waves due to being, well, nicer.


Mr.Sci-Fi said...

Nice review but I give this figure a grade of F. Being that the sculpt is not game accurate coupled with the lack of articulation in the bicep that hinders two handed weapon holds.

CounterFett said...

Meh, I kind of liked it. It's a nice figure.

F definitely seems kind of harsh. I like Halo a lot, but I'm hardly an expert, and I can tell it's supposed to be a Bullfrog from that urban level in Reach. Can't comment as to game accuracy, but it sort of looks like an ODST with a jetpack.

On your last point, I really am trying to not make this sound like I'm teasing you, but here goes...

How many places should a bicep be articulated? So you mean rotation cuts? Jet pack man does seem to have one less axis at the shoulders than the chief, is that what you meant?