Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LEGO Cyborg!

That's right folks, Counterfett here, as chronically behind the times as usual. I have now purchased my very first LEGO blind packed minifig. In this case, from wave three. This is not the first minifig from the series I have wanted, but it is the first one I have wanted badly enough to paw through the cases of blind packs that I found in WalMart. My wife, who has purchased a few of these previously, asked me to find her another elf, and to see if there was one I wanted for myself while I was at it.
Aha! She fell right into my trap. I found her an elf...and I found me a CYBORG!
Mostly, I wanted it for this. Making all of my LEGO Killing Floor team made me think about the quasi-related LEGO Nazi Zombies, and well, let's just say that puts me in a Raygun frame of mind.

I hear wave 4 is out now, I wonder if there are any good new figs in that wave...

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