Thursday, April 14, 2011

LEGO Killing Floor, Episode Four!

Good morning, loyal internets! Thursdays are potentially my least favorite day of the week. You don't have the Monday beginning of the week fresh from the weekend energy buzz. You don't have the, eh it's only Tuesday it has not been that long of a week thing. It's not TGIF. It's not even a midpoint! Thursdays suck!

But on the bright side, at least this Thursday has some LEGO Killing Floor!
Today's installment is the Support Specialist. This is the unlikely marraige of your welding specialist and heavy slugger. With bonuses to shotguns, and access to what is, for all practical purposes, the best gun in the game for killing Scrakes and Fleshpounds, leveled up Support Specialists are key for surviving the later waves of specimens.
I'm honestly rather disappointed in how this one turned out. Considering it uses one of my favorite minifigs as a base, I had high hopes. Maybe when I have a better helmet dug out of my collection, and a more representative shotgun from Brickarms, I will be happier about the setup. Alternatively, I might do a complete rework.

What do you guys think?

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