Saturday, April 9, 2011

LEGO Killing Floor, Episode One!

After buying LEGO Star Wars, the Complete Collection for my wife, I got to thinking: what would it look like if LEGO licensed minifigs for some of my other favorite game franchises? I am already working on a LEGO Samus that has peeked out of the bag, so I turned my mind to the other end of the spectrum.
Killing Floor! This is a England based, post-apocalyptic first person squad based shooter. There are seven 'perks' or classes as of this writing, and I am planning on making a minifig for each (or maybe more than one for each, since the appearance is based on user selection, rather than what perk the player is using). The neat thing is that the swarm of enemies in Killing Floor are not 'zombies' but are rather referred to as specimens. Yet when you get the epic bullet time, it is referred to in-game as zed time. Yeah, zed as in zombies. Hypocrisy in video games never seems to bother me that much.
In any event, since my Brickarms order has not rolled in yet, I figured I would start with the minifigs that required the least specialized bitz. I present, my Berzerker!
This bad boy is made with pieces from LEGO City, Star Wars, and Ninjago. I am especially proud of the expression I managed to swing here. I wanted it to be some kind of semi-psychopathic con who had chanced onto some police gear after the merde hit le ventilateur. 

So, what do you think?

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