Monday, April 11, 2011

LEGO Killing Floor, Episode Three!

Happy Tuesday morning and welcome to another edition of LEGO Killing Floor. I seriously should wait until I get a batch of parts in from Brick Arms or Brick Forge, but I just couldn't help myself and I wanted to keep up the momentum!
The team's Sharpshooter has one of the most difficult and important jobs, the removal of the biggest and most dangerous specimens with a single clean kill shot to the head. Scrakes and Flesh Pounds are the bread and butter of the Sharpshooter class, and it is for these enemies that the Sharpshooter must hunt.
Because the initial character models were all either police or military, I am sticking with that theme for the bulk of my team, and it holds true for my Sharpshooter as well. Now this class would really be one of the most to benefit from that Brickarms order, since one of the Sharpshooters preferred weapons is the M14 EBR. I am planning on representing this with a M21 Sniper Rifle (an accurized M14 with a scope, basically). In the meantime, however, a pair of accurate looking pistols should suit our deadeye just fine.

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