Sunday, April 10, 2011

LEGO Killing Floor, Episode Two!

In this installment, we will be looking at the second member of my killing floor team, a much less involved conversion than my Berzerker, the Field Medic. As you might expect, the Field Medic receives bonuses for healing his teammates, but also for purchase price of armor, as well as the MP7M medic gun, a fictional PDW/Healing Tool.
As I said, my medic is a much less involved conversion, being basically a Toy Story 3 Army Man with a two-sided Atlantis head and a converted HaloBlox M7. The M7 is a good fit for an MP7M, being basically the same outline and configuration as the real gun upon which the MP7M is based (upon which they are both based, I would guess).
This rear shot shows the trouble with using a two sided head with the Army Men helmet. My Field Medic will receive some upgrades from BrickArms, I might get the green version of their German Helmet to hopefully cover the exposed face, since I don't want to permanently modify this via paint or some such.

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