Thursday, April 7, 2011

Megatron! More Mecha For BattleTroops!

Ok, so I have actually had this Cybertronian Mode Megatron for a while (you might have heard about him in The Articulated Monster Podcast a few weeks ago...if you missed it click here ).
This was another purchase in the "How do I represent 30 foot tall BattleMechs for a 28mm game system?" crisis. The answer, as is self evident, was Deluxe class Transformers, particularly those with a Tank or hover vehicle mode. This Megatron is a double whammie, as not only does he make a good 'unseen-ish' BattleMech in robot mode, his vehicle mode looks like a Saracen hovertank from the olden days of BattleTech.
Oh, and I took this picture to illustrate just why I think these are such a great fit for 28mm gaming. Cool, no?

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