Friday, April 29, 2011

Minimates Spartan ODST and Mark VI Mjolnir

As a part of the large order I (finally) received yesterday, I had snagged these two guys.
The ODST is basically the Normal Mk. VI torso, in the lighter olive green, but with the ODST armor permutation helmet. At least that's what they say on the package. It looks more like the Scout helmet to me, but I suppose they know what they are doing and I will take their word for it. It comes with the battle rifle which he holds snugly.

The Mk. VI which they are not calling the Master Chief (since he does not have the battle damaged chestplate, I imagine). This one comes with the MA5C assault rifle, which normally amuses me no end, but in this version, he will not hold it correctly, due to his hand not being able to fit in the gap between the buttplate and the grip. So my figure is holding it by the stock for good measure.

All in all, they are pretty cool. I think I am still going to try and snag the 4-pack from EE while it is still cheap, since now I want more of these guys.