Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Poll! The Crimson Fists!

Good morning and welcome back to the workweek. Counterfett here, bringing the new week's edition of the Poll! Last week we settled the matter of what mighty weapon my Bone 'Ead will bear into battle to settle the hash of Sammi Daemons, while this week we will be deciding the future of a second founding chapter!
All last week, we had a (nearly) daily discourse about the nature, style, and awesome art of the Crimson Fists. Then, early Saturday morning, I posed the question about how you all thought the Crimson Fists might best be represented at 1500 points in a list centered on their Codex Space Marines character, Pedro Kantor. We had a few great suggestions, and I wanted to put them to the question via you faithful readers!

You may recall that I actually have a Crimson Fists based force that I call the Spartan Marines. If not, click the link to see all of the posts about said Army in the labels section at the bottom.

Here are the explanations for the armies listed in the poll! I have included specific loadouts when listed, but otherwise fairly vague. Some will be similar, but meh! See the full posts here. Remember, the task here is what kind of force best represents the Fists, not necessarily what will be the 'best' list. Have at it!
  1. Dawfydd: Kantor; Sternguard; Scouts; Jump Pack Vanguard; Master of the Forge w/ Beamer; Dreadnoughts
  2. TB0N3: Kantor; Honour Guard; Sternguard; Scout Snipers; Master of the Forge w/ Beambike; Scout Bikers; Dreadnoughts
  3. Tim: Kantor; Telion; Scout Snipers; Sternguard in Rhinos; 
  4. Captain Kellen: Kantor; Sternguard w/ Rhinos; Scout Squads w/ Missiles; Landspeeders; Predators
  5. Gyro's List Over at Mik's Minis
  6. Counterfett's Spartan Marines.
I look forward to how this one turns out. Since I have an actual horse in the race for the first time, so to speak, I am a little anxious as to how I place, but since the list was made to use what I had, rather than build a Crimson Fists army originally, I guess my feelings won't get too hurt if I do terrible. Some of the suggestions look really promising, though mine is the only one with Devastators, something the fluff tells us the Fists like (though mine are loaded wrong, of course).


AoM said...

3 or 4. I like the Predators in 4, but the speeders seem wrong. maybe pack in some Devastators instead?

The Crimson Fists were almost completely wiped out on Rynn's World. The Sternguard in Rhinos with Scouts is really fitting for them, and Pedro Kantor can ride in one of the Rhinos. If you can fit in the Devastators and a 3rd Rhino, maybe you could Combat Squad one of the Sternguard squads.

Sniper Scouts, Missile Devs, a Predator, Sternguard to do the bulk of the work.

I guess I can't vote because my army choice isn't up there. I also don't have a codex with me, so I'm not able to do the math.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I sort of saw this being a problem, but I didn't know how to fix it. That's why I used 1500, because that way the points can be 'fudged' a bit in a way you cannot at 1000.

Gotthammer said...

I went with Captain Kellen's list, though I almost went with Fett's.

The reason I picked Kellen's over Fett's is the Assault squad and MotF.
As a Crimson Fist's list I don't see them using Assault Squads as much, or the MotF coming out to play if it's portraying them as still crippled from the Rynn's world invasion.

I did like the inclusion of Tac Squads rather than all scouts, but Kellen's felt most like a C-Fist list to me.

CounterFett said...

I can live with that Gotthammer :)

Thanks for voting!