Friday, April 22, 2011

My First Mini Mates! Last Day For The Poll!

I've never had any Mini Mates before. It's not because I never wanted any, but because they usually were more expensive, or inaccessible (mail order only, etc.), or some combination of the two.
So, when I was at Toys 'R Us, and they had tons of Ghostbusters and Universal Monsters on the pegs on clearance, I felt I had to act. I looked through and decided on the Wolfman plus Creature from the Black Lagoon Glow in the Dark version. I've always identified with werewolves, and , amazingly, have been accused of being one before. While I am not a fan of Creature from the Black Lagoon (what was so scary about him anyway? Hes a fish man, for crying out loud!), I do like the figure, plus he's glow in the dark!

Strangely, these are not the first Mini Mates I have purchased, but they are the first to have made it into my possession. Let us just say that there is a pending internet order.

On a quasi related note, this is the last day to vote in the 'Arm An Ogryn Bone 'Ead' poll. You can read about the options here.


Action Ranger Timmy said...

I'm gonna guess Halo minimates are on order. Did you get the Minimate Warthog? It's pretty rad. Only Halo minimate I ever got.

CounterFett said...

Yes, and no. I got them as part of a sort of unrelated order of bitz.

I got two of the army builder figs for really cheap. I'm probably going to get the warthog and set 1 from EE at some point, they seem to have the best pricing on it.

The Happy Whisk said...

Cool beans.