Friday, April 29, 2011

Name That Plucky Hero!

That's right folks! Counterfett here with another pressing quandry that can only be solved by the suggestions of knowledgeable strangers! I am stocking up on dinosaurs to play Big Game Hunt, the dinosaur miniature hunting game, and need to decide what I am going to use to represent my Hunter.

While searching for a long term solution, I am going to use this guy here to play the part. I have been alternating between calling him the Plucky Adventurer or Plucky Hero, but if I need to fill out a character card for him, he needs a name. It says so right in the instructions in fact, as step 1.
The above picture was just part of my excitement at finally having received my LEGO accessories order. His final loadout will likely vary, as I try and determine what setup I like after playing a few games.

So, in the comments section, give me some suggestions as to what a good name would be! It can either be funny, like Captain Herman Snerd, hyper-masculine like Brick Norris, or a nonsensical steam-punk moniker like Commodore Harold Throckmorton III.


Dawfydd said...

Xander Kincaid, Free-lance Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

Gotthammer said...

Chad Brickmann.

sonsoftaurus said...

Block Hudson.

Dmitri Legovich.

Karl Gelbkopf.

Dustin Lizards.

Paul E. Styrene.

Scott Gunn.