Friday, April 8, 2011

Pharaoh's Quest Cursed Cobra Statue LEGO!

God morning from All Things Fett, and thank you for stopping by. I could have titled this post "My Wife Bought A LEGO Pharoah's Quest Set and All I Got Was This Stupid Statue," but that would be dishonest. To tell the truth, the statue, the snake, the minifig, and the idol are AWESOME!

Now that I have spoiled my critical examination by giving my opinion right at the beginning, let's have a look at the actual set. I am forgoing the review of the parts that my wife kept, since I didn't get to see them. Basically, she wanted to keep the Model T looking truck, the male and female figs, and all of their accessories. Fine.

The remainder of the set consists of a Mummy, which is the cool one from the Mummy Warrior set I reviewed a few weeks back. Still very cool. Also, the idol, which consists of the scarab shield from the same set, only in gold. Kind of a nice touch. This way it can work as an idol (as in this set), or you can use it as a shield to designate the leader of your horde of Mummy Warriors.

The statue itself is about what you would expect. Nothing inspired, but it is recognizeable as an obelisk. It also functions as a stand to help pose the snake, which is nice since, as a cobra, he should be able to strike a threatening pose.

The Last major component of this set is the Cursed Snake statue, which is a mite impressive. It flexes in several locations, and has a number of specialty pieces I have not seen before. As mentioned, it can attach to the statue to strike a 'cobra' pose, but you can also detach it to chase your intrepid heroes.

Really, quite a cool set. I definitely recommend it.

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Papa JJ said...

Wow, that snake is cool! I like these Pharaoh's Quest sets, thanks for the review.