Monday, April 4, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #2!

Come one, come all! We are to the second to last installment of the power armor countdown! Now, those of you who have been keeping track of this and know me (or even interknow me) may well suspect what the last two contenders are for the title. You may even think you know what is going to be the top dog. Well, hopefully I have a surprise for you. If not, hope you enjoy the ride anyway!
Mjolnir Mk VI. That's right folks, Master Chief and his magnificent murder machine. Mjolnir Mk VI takes all that is good and wonderful from the previous iterations of the armor and just kicks it up a notch. Old John 117 can now jump higher, run faster, fight harder, kick Better? Whatever.

Oh, did I mention no fall damage? I like that. I mean, Master Chief used this armor to successfully fall from orbit. Yeah, the edge of space. Plus, the armor is more compact and has improved targeting ability, allowing the Chief to use his HUD to fire multiple weapons, such as the noob combo (Plasma Pistol and SMG), heavy metal (twin brute spikers), or my favorite, the whirling pink vortex of doom (dual Halo 2, at least). Plus, he just looks really awesome doing it.

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