Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #3!

Good afternoon from All Things Fett! Hope you all are having as great of a lazy Sunday as I am.  Played a few video games, loafed about, and in general whined about my back more than I should. Plus, I took a little break from internet which will hopefully reinvigorate me for the closing rounds of the Power Armor Countdown!
Space Wolf Runic Armor. Unlike every other review or info page on this armor I was able to find, I am going to write my own, rather than cut and paste. Basically Artificer armor on steroids, runic armor confers the mighty 2+ save. Where it differs from the more common artificer armor is that it also confers a save against psychic powers directed at the wearer, due to being inscribed with psychic runes inscribed on the surface. How this works? Dunno, but it is pretty cool.

Plus points for the 2+, and the nifty psychic defense. Minus points for very limited issue and the fact that I cannot find a decent picture.

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