Saturday, April 2, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #4!

Good afternoon all! A very tired and sore Counterfett here after reducing basically half a tree to what could be called sticks by using a large knife. At least my wife bought me yummy In & Out Burger for lunchtime reward. Now, this next installment in the Power Armor Countdown might be a bit controversial, but those of you who know me and the blog probably saw this coming. Again, I would like to reiterate my earlier statement: if you don't agree with my choices, make your own list. Heck, I'll even post links so people can see dissenting opinions.
Mjolnir Mk V. Oh yeah. Master Chief , Halo: Combat Evolved, and being young enough to take advantage of staying up late to play video games on my PC. This was the way we all remember seeing old John 117 for the first time on the decks of the Pillar Of Autumn. It was a grand adventure filled with excitment, an innovative new combat system and AI, and more Marathon inside jokes than you could shake a God Pistol at.

Plus points for shields and hydrostatic fluid making even the most punishing damage survivable, minus for fall damage and being slow compared to the new & improved.


Fuzzbuket said...

hey i still play that ! :P

ahhh free halo mods ! much fun!

Dawfydd said...

Ah yes, the day when Microsoft may not have been gracious towards PC gamers, but at least they made an effort to put out a decent conversion. Eventually....

And yeah, the later games refined the gameplay and made it faster, but Halo: Combat Evolved showed us all that there was another way :)