Friday, April 1, 2011

Power Armor Countdown #5!

Welcome to the weekend Ladies and Gentlemen, as well as the final five days of our countdown. In all honesty I am running out of neat little segues for these intros, but since they were only designed to keep the name of the armor out of RSS feeds to keep the surprise going until you clicked the link, I guess award winning innovation is not the key, but rather wordcount.
Astartes Artificer Armor. Granting the almighty 2+ save, Artificer armor allows you to do that one thing that most other 2+ armors do not...ride in a rhino. Well, you can also use a jump pack too, I guess, which is really only important if you are a Blood Angel, but I guess it's worth mentioning. Furthermore, since it is more flexible than Terminator armor, it allows the Astartes inside to act more like an infantryman, using grenades and normal weapons, not limited to a Terminator style weapon selection.

Plus points for looking awesome, the almighty 2+ save, and Sanguinary Guard. Minus point for the lack of an invulnerable save, and for being, apparently, even more rare than terminator armor.


Farseer Orso said...

Minus additional points for sculpted nipples.

CounterFett said...

I was going to include that too, but the artificer armor on Tech Marines doesn't have that. So it's just a minus on Blood Angels.

Dawfydd said...

But surely bonus points for sculpted abs of ceramite?