Friday, April 1, 2011

The Screaming Vortex. Just When You Thought You Could Not Trust Any April 1st Posts!

Counterfett here, wishing everyone out there a happy April 1st!
Fantasy Flight Games has released a new preview of Black Crusade, this time dealing with campaigns set in any of their proprietary corners of the Grim Dark Future: The Koronus Expanse, the Jericho Reach, or the Calixis Sector. But, true to FFG form, they also introduce a new region - The Screaming Vortex.

Basically sounding like a mini Maelstrom or Eye of Terror, the Screaming Vortex is aregion of space abandoned by the Imperium to a pernicious doom at the hands of the Lords of Chaos. Sounds like my college dorm, really.

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