Friday, April 22, 2011

Space Hulk! Generic Gaming Report Guest Starring Juniorfett!

So last night, because my son got a surprise dental office and his sister was getting a sleepover, we decided to let him do what he wanted. What he wanted was cookies and Space Hulk. Is it because he is related to me, or because he knows I love those things and he's trying to hang out more with me?

Don't matter, I call it a win.

Well, we played greatly reduced complexity rules, and since the boy ate a good deal of chocolate cookies, he could not even follow them.
I arrayed my robots and robo coyotes (that's what he calls them), thusly. Also, a good shot of my unimpressive board setup.
I was impressed with Juniorfett's deployment. He said to me, right as I took this picture "I hade my guys behind these rocks." Clever Boy. Essentially, this is where all tactical thought ended, as he just decided from then on to just move his guys around randomly whenever he felt like it, with no regards for turns. We did roll dice to resolve combats. He beat me 2-0. My dice are bad.

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Mike Howell said...

Wonderful! I loved my first "gaming" experiences with my kids, especially the rules they kept adding to explain why their minis could not possibly have just been killed by my minis.