Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomb Kings Pre Orders: From Least To Most Interesting, Part II

Allright boys and girls, first off sorry for the later than usual post. Today presented one of those rare opportunities for the working father, sleeping in. And let me tell you, I jumped all up on that chuckwagon!
Part II of our adventure through Tomb Kings preorders involves the NecroSphinx/Warsphinx box set. For those of you who have always wanted a magically animated egyptian statue but were afraid to ask. Coming in at $49.50, the Sphinx is no cheapo set. But it does give you kind of a few neat options, including a sort of war elephant with Howdah type monster (the Warsphinx), or a giant undead mummified pussycat (the Necrosphinx).

Like before, I won't go over whether I think these guys are suitable for your fantasy game, because I don't play that, but in terms of what I think this has to offer for your Necrons, this set is made of win. There are a bunch of rumblings that the forthcoming Necron will have a MC, and I submit that if this can't make a 40k MC, nothing can. Furthermore, you will have enough Bitz left over from this set to decorate a Monolith or two in an appropriate style to match you new Monstrous Centerpiece.

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