Monday, April 11, 2011

Tomb Kings Pre-Orders, From Least To Most Interesting: Part III

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and let me be the first to extend a warm All Things Fett welcome back to the workweek.

Ok, everyone done groaning yet? Good. Because it's time for the last part in my Tomb Kings Pre-Order review. In typically Counterfett fashion, I have left the best for last (*your mileage may vary, claims of 'best' not validated by the Food And Drug Administration).
I am pretty excited by this set, but not for the guys above. Remember, I am trying to think of ways to include these sets in a future Necrons Army, and while I suppose an argument could be made to call the Necropolis Knights some sort of Destroyers, It would be a bit of a weak argument.
What I really want is these guys. The Sepulchral Stalkers just scream "Wraith!" I have always liked Wraiths, and I hope they are deserving of my affection in the next edition. These would take a bit of converting of course, they need needle hands rather than polearms, but if you were to buy a box or two of these, and had some current Necron plastic sets, like say some Warriors and Destroyers, you could surely mix and match to make a happy, cohesive force.

That's it for now folks! So what does everyone think about the upcoming Tomb Kings pre-orders? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want to chop them up and use them as Necrons?


Porky said...

The one thing that really surprises me about this batch of releases is just how full the Tomb Kings / Necron crossover is. Orcs / Orks, elves / Eldar etc. is different because their roots in 40K go deeper.

First, it looks faintly silly to have such similarities when they needn't be there - especially with that whole 'dwarf archetype not fitting in 40K' idea - and second, it's very convenenient for us.

Maybe the idea is to have Necron players buy up the Tomb Kings to convert and then buy the same units again in their 40K official form when the codex appears?

Linked with this, it could also be that the Tomb Kings are getting a more Necrony look because the Necrons are going to look very different this time round. I don't expect that of course, but I wonder.

CounterFett said...

I was a bit surprised too, especially on the Sepulchral Stalkers, with how tidy of a substitution it would be. Even my sub-par conversion skills should be up to this.

I think they are synching them up a little to broaden the marketability. TK and Necron coming out almost at the same time is a mite...convenient.