Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Windfall. The Big Box Of LEGO

So, over this holiday weekend, we got to drive all over the darn place. One of the upsaides was that my wife's aunt had seen her posting on facebook about our LEGO collecting hi-jinx, and decided to give us a big box of LEGO sets that they just had laying around.

I have to wait until my wife picks through and takes out the minifigs she wants, but after that the rest will be mine...all MINE! There seem to be an inordinately high number of minifigs in this set. Likely that was all the dude kept, like most people, from the sets he did not like as much.

Hopefully I willl have a few cool things to post from this swag. I mean, my wife won't decide to keep it all...will she?