Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Does Counterfett Want For Easter?

And his birthday, and Christmas, and Flag Day?

LEGO Garden Gnomes. What with my unhealthy love of Garden Gnomes, plus my new found fascination with Gnome Wargaming, the LEGO wave 4 minifigure pack Gnome may well be the coolest toy of all time. If any of you happen to get these when you are trying to get something else, let me know, I will take it!


Chris said...

Hah! I have been picking up the odd minifig now and then - generally find them in supermarkets over here, even in the local smaller-version of a Sainsburys.

I seem to be collecting a Lego YMCA though - I have an Indian and a Sailor. Seriously? What's next? Builder? Cowboy? Policeman?

CounterFett said...

I think those have all been represented in the series. You might get lucky though and get the space man, alien, or cyborg.

My wife likes the elf. I don't need any, but I will admit that they have seriously awesome bits.

Chris said...

I'm probably going to pick up a few more until I get some cool ones :) The Indian Chief-type is cool, but the Sailor has a wry-smile, has his hat at a jaunty angle and is generally camper than a row of tents. Sigh. Hah :) Always an entertaining blog mate!