Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheap Gaming: The Deathwing

Well, what with all of the price hoopla, I decided that my future gaming will be even cheaper and lower model count than before. This is saying something because I already play elite, low model count armies. The trick now is playing something small enough, that is something I am still interested in playing. I love Terminators. I've built too many armies around the Loganwing concept, as far as I am concerned, so it might be time to go to the source...Belial and the Deathwing. I am a Space Hulk Maniac, so when I think Terminators, I either think Blood Angels or Dark Angels, and since the Deathwing Expansions is what made the game so special, the Emphasis is on Dark Angels.

Am I going to use GW Terminators for this project? Almost certainly not. My current thinking revolves around using the Dust: Tactics  Allied power armor troopers that I posted about a few days ago. I can use Grim Reapers as Shooty Termies, and I can use the Tank Busters for heavy weapons. Don't know if I want to call them Cyclones or Assault Cannons, but I can figure that out. CC Termies and Storm Shields can be Kitbashed on an as-needed basis.

Because there are literally 0 GW models in this army (so far, I mean, these models have not even been released yet), it would not be tourney legal, but then I don't play in tourney's anyway. As my counts as lists go, this one is not too adventurous, so I think my regular opponents won't mind. It's certainly more recognizeable than the Spartan Marines.

Now, on to the list...

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Warflake said...

Those dust models are awesome. Especially love the Zombies =D cheap gaming=awesome.