Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choosing An Infinity Faction: Nomads

Another great faction from Infinity I am considering is the Nomads. The Nomads have a lot going for them in terms of why I would like to play as them, neat models, eclectic mix of unit types, and most importantly, Space Nuns.
This is one of the starter packs, the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. It comes with three Moderators, basic infantry with combi rifles, a Zero, stealth operative with combi rifle and e/mauler (whatever that is), a Sin Eater Observant, and a Reverend Moira (aforementioned Space Nun). So three bad cops, a ghost, a xenophobic cyborg and a Space Nun. Sounds like my kind of game.


Morgrim Dark said...

Good call on the starter set. I definitely had my eyes on that one! The Moira's are cool and the sin eaters have some great models.

If you are ever in the Washington DC area lets get a game in!

CounterFett said...

I live in CA, so that's a bit on the far side, but if I get over there on business, you're on!

Anonymous said...

I'd say you're better off with the Bakunin sectorial starter over going the Mercenary route. You can add mercenaries to any of the factions with exception to the Combined Army.
Even the Bakunin starter allows you a good deal of flexibility. Choose more from the Bakunin troops and run a sectorial list (link teams being the key feature), or add Corregidor troops and have general Nomads list with all of it's flexibility.
As to what those models are capable of, have a look at