Monday, May 30, 2011

Choosing An Infinity Faction: Mercenaries

A big part of trying to get into Infinity for me is picking out what faction I want to choose. There are a few which appeal to me, but deciding is tough, since I have decided I am really only going to do one faction for this game. This will help me avoid the 'universe burnout' that has plagued me so much in my 40k projects.
My first installment in the series is the one I am most likely to pick, the mercenaries. Why most likely you say? Well, it's complicated, but a big part of it has to do with the pictured figures in this post. I like them. A big problem with my choosing a faction is my attention span when it comes to projects, and how I hope to avoid this here is by the fact that the mercenaries offer so many different styles.
Plus, if I do get an itch for a particular faction, each army has a unit or two that can also be used as mercenaries (such as Haqqislam's Bashi Bazouks, or Yu Jing's Kempeitai). A pretty clever way, if I say so myself, to have my cake and eat it too.

The pictures above are Miyamoto Musashi, a recreated historical figure who is now a rogue reality show contestant, and Yuan Yuan Mercenaries, your basic scum-and-villainy types who engage in plunder, slavery, and space piracy. The concept of a dishonored Sword Saint down on his luck and falling in with some grubby space pirates is just too good in my opinion.

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Paws4thot said...

Myamoto Mushasi would just about be enough to sell me on this idea for a squad-level game by itself, then I looked at the Yuan Yuan mercs!!