Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coolest Minis I Have Found On The Internet Today!

...Are these 28mm heroic scaled Terran Space Marines. Now, I had decided ,some time back, that when I went to make my Terran Marines, they would be based on the Games Workshop generic marine small 3-piece box, or maybe the Assault on Black Reach Tactical squad.
But seeing these guys just about changes my mind. These are put out by Shapeways, a 3d custom printer. The price is not outrageous, like you would think, about the cost of one of the newer (GK, BA) squads from Games Workshop, Granted less options, but if this is what you've been looking for for a while, it might just hit the spot.

You should check it out, there are literally 39 pages of related stuff on their site. I'd tell you about more of it, but honestly, you should really go check it out. There are LEGO compatible bits, sci-fi miniature wargaming ships, mecha in all scales. Quite the motherlode. Whatever aspect of the hobby you are into, they seem to have something for you.