Friday, May 13, 2011

Dark Eldar Pre-Order Review! Venom!

That's right folks, Counterfett here, finally back in business. It appears that google holds my readership in general, and me in particular, in such high regard that I was literally the last site on the entire internet to be restored. We're still not fully online, as the Cronos/Talos post and my review of the movie Predators! have still not been restored, though I am assured by the highly impersonal Blogger blog that they will be back soon.
Until then, dear readers, we shall have a look at the sexy sexiness of the advance orders, the Venom.

All in all, it's a very stylish model, though I think the NTSB will have something to say to the designers, since its passenger capacity estimates will need to be looked at harshly. 'Seriously, seats five?'

I know this is not wholly model related, but why does the GW painting team make all of their wyches super redheaded? Is this some sort of fetishist phenomena I am unaware of? I did have that one crazy ex girlfriend...

Anyway...I have had a look at the sprues, and it looks like the rider models can only be made as wyches, so if you were trying to put some Kaballites or Truebloods (or whatever they are called again), on it instead, get ready for some converting!

I do like the fact that is appears to be a kissing cousin to the goody-two-shoes Vyper. So all of those good folks who made conversions based on the vyper were not too far off.


Chris said...

I like it - GW mentioned that they'd planned on producing Wych hangers-on in a future kit after the Warrior hangers-on from the Raider kit :) You could always swap them around if you so wished?

CounterFett said...

True. But that might require a lot of extra sets if you only had one type of troop in your list.

Like buying enough hot dogs and buns to make the numbers match, I imagine.