Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dust Tactics Recon Boys Unboxing

I finally got around to opening those Dust Tactics Recon Boys I ordered a while back. I originally got these as part of what was going to be my Mantis Warriors army list, they were going to count as scouts. They may still double as this, but what really spurred me into opening them and starting on them today was the 'Order of Caliban' project I discussed this morning. These can be Order Initiates. Basically, they will still be counts as Scouts.
The figures themselves are a bit strange to me. In some respects, they have very low sculpted detail, such as on their faces, or only moderate detail, as on the rifles. However, in some areas, the detail is superb, as in the armor plates, clothing, etc. This is exactly reversed from what I remember from the last batch of GW miniatures I remember working on, those Tau firewarriors. The armor plates on them seemed to simply be missing some edges, though their faces and weapons were massively detailed. I think I actually prefer it this way. There may not be a lot of individuality between each pose, but they are infantrymen, how unique do they need to be? Having the parts of the armor be crisp and easy to differentiate does help when it comes to painting, as you will see in the next installment.

As you can also see from the above pics, these models come preassembled and prepainted. This is a downer if you want to customize them, but since I was planning on using them as is, it takes quite a few steps out of the process for me. One thing you cannot tell from the picture is that they are articulated at the waist, allowing for some uniqueness of pose in what would otherwise be solely a five pose army.
Also, I took a pic of on next to my WIP Mantis Legion Terminator. The scale seems to me to be 'perfect' 28mm Heroic, in that it scales right with GW. To my mind, they are still the arbiter of said scale, as they at least have good internal consistency. Many Privateer models I have dealt with have poor scale trueness, even with models from within the same line.

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