Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Games Workshop Price Hike. An Opinion You Might Not Have Read Yet.

As usual, I waited a bit before I posted on this. Partly to wait until the hubbeb & chainletters died down, partly to form my own opinion of what's going on. I think I have, so it's time for me to crawl out from under my bridge and start baptising in the wilderness.

40k is a great game. The fanatical fan base is what got my blog really rolling last year when I started posting about it. It's fun, the community is (largely) awesome, and there are some truly talented modelers, painters, and storymakers involved in the giant shared experience that is 40k. That being said, when GW raises its prices, a lot of people get bent about it. This is their prerogative.

I am in the U.S., so those of you in Australia are facing a whole different problem, and I don't begrudge you your issue. For me however, it's just a matter of voting with my wallet. I spend a lot of money on my hobbies, but less is available than some people I know, so I like to try and make sure I am doing my best to stretch that money. Am I going to spend less with GW? Probably not, it just will get me a little less, which means more of my spending will start turning to other suppliers, like Mantic or Wargames Factory. This is not out of anger, but rather that I can get more of what I am interested in from them. Will this hurt GW?Probably not. Which is fine. They are (arguably) the biggest pillar of our hobby left. I don't really want to see them go down any more than they do.

Am I going to buy resin models from them? No, but then I did not really buy any of the metal stuff either.

I had more of a clear idea of where I was going with this when I started the article, but suffice to say, I'm not that upset about the price increase, it's not going to affect me that much, and if anything, my spend with GW is likely to remain the same (not much). For those of you for whom this is the last straw, I make a friendly recommendation.

Dust Tactics. It's a great game, has cool models, and is looking for more players.


Thor said...

This is basically what I said in my article, thus I agree :)

CounterFett said...

I'm glad.

I am usually worried this sort of thing is going to get me run out of town on a rail or some such.

Mike Howell said...

Yeah, it's hard to contain my raging ambivalence over GW price hikes. Maybe I would care more if I *absolutely* had to purchase a full army of something and now that something was going to cost me 25% more. Like you, my purchases are more rate (money/time) related than price (money/item) driven.

The resin conversion is intriguing, but I'll have to judge that once I get one. I have no experience painting small resin, and I'm always flummoxed by how hydrophobic resin is.

Black Bob Craufurd said...

Its a fair statement, from the american persepctive.

The anger down here in OZ is the complete inequity in prices for the same product.

Nice well measured comment mate I applaud it.

I just think the community as a whole though needs to stand up for is counter parts in the pacific and south east asia area and put it out there that really enough is enough.

palehorse said...

Good points...the way i look at it if you don't like the price don't spend money on it.

Not saying boycot gw...but spend your loot on the mom and pop companys like old crow or dld!

Von said...

I'm forced to concur. I can only afford gaming stuff at all if I remain firmly in the secondary market for as much of it as possible, so colour me largely unaffected. I do feel for the Australian gamers but it's not a social justice issue that I feel compelled to stamp my feet and write angry letters in green ink over.

Paws4thot said...

I'm fro mthe Uk, and honestly don't know about the Australian situation.

My take on GW is that they're producing over-priced, badly sculpted, badly cast c@rp, far too often from "burnt" metal.

Dawfydd said...

I've been a GW gamer for 20 years now (shudder), and I've been slowly drifting away, spending less & less as I find other priorities for my income, and GW has effectively priced me out of enjoying my hobby.
Hell, the only reason I've brought anything from a GW store is because well meaning friends and family have brought me gift vouchers...

It's kind of sad that the bods at the top don't seem to realise it's not 10 years ago. They aren't the only fish in the pond anymore. And frankly, I'd rather pay over the odds to a small, up and coming company, or a fair price to one that is willing to play with the big boys, than to a company that has seriously lost it's focus.