Friday, May 27, 2011

Gnomeo And Juliet

My wife bought this to watch with the kids. She knows what she is doing, since because it's about gnomes she suckered me in to watching it also.

It's a cute movie, retelling Romeo And Juliet, with gnomes! There are some pretty clever plays on both gnome cliches and Shakespearean inside jokes throughout. I thought it was funny, but don't take my word for it!

  • Gnomes! If you could not tell by having read one of my many posts about gnomes, or seen the banner, I like gnomes.
  • Voice acting. There is a tremendous cast voicing this one.
  • Funny. As references above, there are more than a few moments of hilarity. In the screen world, nearly everything is alive when people aren't looking, and the interactions in some cases are quite amusing.
  • Romeo & Juliet, again. Yeah. It's been done a couple of times.
  • Soundtrack. This was, weirdly enough produced by Elton John. So the whole soundtrack was Elton John. I understand the fact that he kept his own production royalty free and what a smart idea that is, but really. All Elton John.
So there you have it folks. Gnomes are getting alot of Pop Couture loving these days, and I am rather enjoying it!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. My son LOVED it "Mario (can't say Gnomeo) we has to save MARIO DAD!!"

Andrew NZ

Warflake said...

I really loved this film!
As you said much hilarity.

eriochrome said...

My wife got invited to a media screening for this but it was to far and poorly timed for us to go. I will keep an I out for it at the library though. My daughter might like it.