Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going Through Phases: The Conan Conundrum

I go through phases a lot. A LOT. Anyone who has read this blog for even more than a single post knows this. Because I am currently so excited about the Conan movie coming out in August, I somehow got all excited about playing a fantasy miniatures game.

Mordhiem might actually work, but despite having had the book for some time, I've never really broken down and bothered really getting into the rules, much less playing a game.

I have Swords & Wizardry, which again, seems perfectly suited to the task. This might be the route I go, but since this is an RPG, rather than a true miniature game, I might run concurrent campaigns.

I don't know. I'm currently sort of stumped by this one.


Paws4thot said...

Going back to the 1980s (yes, I'm old), there actually was a Conan RPG. I'm not suggesting that it was any good (no info; never played it) or won't be hilariously expensive, but a look at on-line auction sites might turn up a copy.

CounterFett said...

Cool, I did a little looking, and it seems like there is a current (ish) RPG out for it too, that coincided with the timing of the online RPG.

I was thinking of just using slightly simplified Swords & Wizardry (basically retro D&D) in a chainmailesque miniatures rules, but even that seems like a bit much work for what I had in mind. I think I've hit upon the solution to the problem, though I'll save that for another post...

The Harrower said...

Definitely give Mordheim a try. Playing through various Mordheim Campaigns with my friends was some of the best times I ever had with any type of miniatures game (40K included).