Friday, May 27, 2011

I Bought A Flare Gun!

After the crappy day I had at work yesterday, I knew something had to be done to cheer myself up. I went to WalMart with the wife and small man to look at toys, in hopes that such a plastic purchase would lighten the burden of my labor induced melancholy. When what did my work laden eyes did appear but the Orion 12 gauge flare gun I have been waiting for them to get back in stock!
I have wanted a flare gun since I was a wee little boy. Something about the mix of firearm, explosive, nautica, and rampant pyromania has always called to me. Well, now I can cross this one childhood dream off the list. Now, coming in to a purchase like this, you always wonder: Is this going to be one of those things that is just a waste of money that I will regret? Well in a sense, I am probably never going to NEED a flare gun. I don't want to rule the possibility out, though. Now that I have had it out and messed with it a little, I am pretty sure I will never regret it.

I have broken off the 'bandolier' piece that holds the shells from where it was attached at the bottom of the grip. With the thing on the lanyard ring, I could simply not grab hold of the grip, which seems rather self defeating. Now, to just find a holster and ammo strap for it...

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