Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LEGO Series 4! Gnomes!

I love Gnomes. When I found out LEGO was releasing Lawn Gnomes in wave 4, I knew immediately that I needed to have as many of them as I could lay my hands on. For lots of reasons, really.
  1. I love Gnomes. Mentioned this already, right?
  2. Gnome Wars. Yeah, I am going to use them in Gnome Wars. Strangely (to me anyway), they are cheaper than the minis made for the game.
  3. If a ceramic foot-tall Lawn Gnome can keep my garden safe, surely a 1.5" LEGO Gnome should be up to the task of protecting my desk.
  4. Miscellaneous Wargaming. From Space Hulk to Big Game Hunt, I use LEGO minifigs to fill in for a lot of types of games, and nothing says "This Army Belongs to Counterfett" like Gnomes. Except maybe Mandalorians, but I already have them.
The minifigs themselves are pretty cool, and shorter in stature due to the fixed position dwarf/Yoda legs. The pointy hat and beards are much more detailed than I thought they were going to be coming into this, putting the aftermarket equivalents I already have to shame. They came with fishing poles, which I gave to my wife (she now has one Gnome and three fishing rods), because I plan on arming mine with Pirate Muskets. Or maybe...well, I'll come back to that.

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The Happy Whisk said...

He could for sure protect your desk. Tim has Sammy the sleestak protecting his desk.