Sunday, May 1, 2011

LEGO Series 4! Musketeer!

I have been calling this guy the cavalier ever since I first saw him, but I guess Musketeer is not only correct to what LEGO is calling it, but a little more accurate as to how the guy is set up to boot. Though if we are calling him a Musketeer, I am inclined to demand a musket.

I like the fig in general, the hat is flamboyant and full of panache. The feather is ridiculous and half the height of the minifig, and I have always wanted a LEGO rapier. This might be the simplest of the Wave 4 releases in terms of what it is and what it comes with, but it was one of only two that I decided I really needed to have.

If you are looking for these but have had trouble finding it, I was tipped by Mario! at A Year Of Toys , that Target has these out on endcaps on the LEGO aisle as of now.

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Gyro said...

I picked up the Mad Scientist just last night, but I'm really gunning for the guy in the HAZMAT suit.

I'm sure you've heard of these guys, but for rapiers and other compatible weapons goodness check out!