Sunday, May 1, 2011

Name That Plucky Hero: The Poll!

Good evening one and all, I am scheduling this post now, because we are recording the Articulated Monster podcast, likely as you are reading this.
Earlier in the week, I posted a picture of the above LEGO hero, who will be (at least temporarily) filling in as my hunter in Big Game Hunt. Since there is a character sheet in this game, and since one of (I think) four things I actually need to enter on said character sheet is his name, I thought it might be fun to put his name up for a vote! This way, as I post about his adventures finding, shooting at, and being eaten by, large dinosaurs, all of my readers can get a warm, fuzzy feeling that they helped shape this bold adventurer.

The names up for the running are:
  1. Xander Kincaid, Free-lance Monster Hunter Extraordinaire
  2. Chad Brickmann
  3. Block Hudson
  4. Dmitri Legovich
  5. Karl Gelbkopf
  6. Dustin Lizards
  7. Paul E. Styrene
  8. Scott Gunn
  9. Captain Herman Snerd
  10. Brick Norris
  11. Commodore Harold Throckmorton III
That's it for now, folks. Take your pick, vote, and make your mark on the fictitious history of shooting plastic dinosaurs.

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Evan said...

Block Hudson, for sure.