Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Conan: The Barbarian Movie, Who's Excited?

I think I am starting to be. I'm a big fan of Jason Momoa, from back in the Stargate: Atlantis days. It is kind of weird to see him without the Ronan goatee and mustache.

After watching the preview, it's easy to remember that Howard had a thing about snakes, huh?

One thing that I am wondering, is if there will be any toy offerings. It would seem highly inappropriate considering the content, but stupider toy franchises have been made in the past.


Dawfydd said...

I'd been waiting for a proper trailer for this, and for me it doesn't dissapoint.
Mamoa was great on Atlantis, and has been pretty awesome as Hal Drogo on Game of Thrones. To see him as Conan though is just awesome.
If nothing else I look forward to being able to have this alongside Soloman Kane.
(Interesting aside: I'm actually watching Conan the Barbarian with Arnold & John Milus's commentary. Man those two are insane...)

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty weak based on what ive seen so far.

The original was excellent and will be tough to out do.

Anonymous said...

Conan = Arnie.

There's just no other way around it, unless they can CGI him in for the whole hour and a half I'm really not interested.

CounterFett said...

Those are honestly perfectly valid viewpoints. I think it is going to be pretty cool. I thought remaking True Grit without John Wayne was a travesty, but no one else seemed to put up a hue and cry. I guess it just has to do with what you identify with when you see a movie that 'belongs' to you.

Hope you don't mind, Red, but I quoted you in my poll!

Anonymous said...

Hey bloke, of course that's fine!

For me personally, Arnie was a real hero of my childhood and we were talking about him yesterday at work, he is an incredible dude and I think like some people who grew up watching John Wayne movies it would have been hard for them to detach from that when watching True Grit (which I loved, but had never seen the original). The same will be for me when I watch this (I just think the bloke from Solomon Cane is going to be too small) I think.

Anonymous said...

Err misread that through the comments, I don't know who this guy is.

It does look cool though, there seems to be a ton of stuff going on and modern film budgets/effects can easily eclipse the older films which relied on atmosphere.