Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painting Pre-Emperor Dark Angels Order Initiates Part 1

Well, as you might have gotten the drift from yesterday's posts, I am painting up some Dust Tactics Recon Boys as foot soldiers from 'The Order', basically Lion El'Jonsons buddies from before the Emperor found him on Caliban.
I used Testors enamel Dark Metallic Green for the armor plates. This is a bit of Apocrypha, since the Order's color is actually black. But since the fluff makes no mention of non-knightly support combat personnel, I figured I could cut myself a little latitude. Most people associate Dark Green with Dark Angels, and it looks black in most lighting situations anyway.

This is where the clean casting on the armor plates has really helped me out, as I had stated yesterday. There are no lines on these models that are not thought out. There are no armor plates that become wrinkled pant legs, for instance. Tau Firewarriors really ruined me for painting GW miniatures, I swear.
I went with plain old flat black for the rifles. I was planning on using brown as well for stocks, but there are really few separate segments that can be painted in such a manner. No matter, they look good and simple in basic black sans pearls.

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Really looking forward to seeing more.