Monday, May 23, 2011

Painting Pre-Emperor Dark Angels Order Initiates Part 2

I skipped a step on my step by step. Instead of showing the picture of having painted just the rifles, I showed what was supposed to be a part of this post. The painted boots.
This is now the semi-finale, where I have made all of the basecoat applications I am going to make. It's a pretty simplistic scheme, but at the moment, it is as good as any of the pre-painted models in my collection. This makes it officially my best work to date.
I was planning on having this be my debut use of inks, since I found a pretty cool Burnt Umber ink at my local craft store. Now however, since I am so happy with their current status, I am terrified of doing it. I'm such a wimp. So what does everyone think? Should I go forward and try the ink, or should I keep them as is, in the 'pretty good' mode?


Rkik said...

Definitely give the ink a try. Right now they are just too flat, and they look like toys. The ink will help give them depth and really make them look great.

CounterFett said...

That's kind of the way I am leaning. Though in all honestly, a bit of the flatness is the glare from my crummy camera. Still, I see what you're getting at.

Paws4thot said...

I honestly prefer dry-brushing and washing to inking, unless I'm working on "leather" or "metal", so I'd think about inking the boots and weapons, but dry brushing the uniforms.

Mik said...

Do the wash. Green over cloth and armor, mud over the flesh. Awesome sauce.