Monday, May 16, 2011

Shipping Make Good Mix Up. Now What?

Some time back, I made a LEGO parts order. I have not said where from, as I am not sure what kind of review I want to give the seller, good or bad. Shipping was quite high, which I suspect was because the webstore calculated by item count, rather than weight. It was a card sleeve worth of bits, should not have cost $9. I needed the stuff though, and at the time they were the only place I could order from. No biggie. I am a grown up, I can pay more for convenience if it suits me.

But then, if you pay $9 of shipping for what could be sent in a $0.44 envelope, you expect it to arrive f-a-s-t. It took 2 weeks. Well, the day finally arrived. All of my cool LEGO stuff arrived. And inside, totally unsuspected, was this guy.
Now I have no idea who or what this guy is. He is apparently from one of the later waves of Power Rangers. I never watched any of the shows, so that is about the extent of my knowledge. I know they go for $8-10 in stores, so it makes up for the overage on shipping, but I wish they had given me something I cared about.

My son's 4th birthday is in 9 days, and the package says 4+ years...


LEon said...

You mean the buyer gave you this on top of what you are getting? If that's the cases, that sound alright to me. LOL

CounterFett said...

Yeah, this was just in the bottom of the box, underneath the stuff that I ordered.