Saturday, May 7, 2011

Skaven: From Underdark to Grim Dark

Yes, I know Underdark is not a Games Workshop term, I can live with that, you all know what I mean. In my earlier post about the Vraks He-RAT-ics, I mentioned that I was considering doing a 'counts as' army using the Vraks Heretic army list from Forgeworld. Then Sons of Taurus got me thinking outside of the box I had built for myself a little bit with some of his comments (yes I blame you SoT!), particularly when he said Ikit Claw would make a good Straken.

It's true, he would.

But you all know me, I can't just let a good idea be a good idea and leave it at that, so I started to look at other army lists, and to see what else the Ikit Claw Model can count as. I'm sort of liking the idea of having a Codex: Chaos Space Marines list, so as I was looking through the Codex, I hit upon the thought of using him as Huron Blackheart.

Now your turn! What other great characters can be represented by the Skaven Lords and Heroes models? SoT has already thought of using a Vermin Lord as a greater Daemon or Daemon Prince. We're particularly looking for the lists that Sons of Taurus was mentioning in the comments section of the earlier post, like IG, CSM, or Vraks (5 or 7). Lots of good things in there to play with, really.

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sonsoftaurus said...

As mentioned, any assassin would work for Marbo. Lots of the HQ guys would work for a primaris psyker or chaos sorcerer, and psyker battle squad stand ins should be easy to find in plague monks/censer bearers. Poison wind guys would also make good 40K sorcerers.

Warlord Queek would do well as Kharn.

Some Stormvermin heads on CSM or bolters&backpacks on Stormvermin would work for ratrines.