Sunday, May 8, 2011

Space Cruisers! The (Free) Space Combat Game I Was Looking For!

It finally happened. I've always liked space battles in moves, video games, I used to draw them a lot...but I've never had a miniature game of one. This is primarily because of two factors. The first being I don't like spending money until I am sure I'll like it, the second being that I really don't like complex miniature games. The idea of running a flotilla, each ship of which has its own army builder-esque readout, simply hurts me to think about. It's the reason I originally got out of BattleTech.

However, I just ran across Space Cruisers, which has a lot of the simplicity I like, along with a good dose of randomness to make sure each game is unique. You can tell just from the terms he uses that his game is based on Star Trek style space battles, but that doesn't bother me. On the other hand, the rules are simple enough that after playing once or twice, you won't even need the rules anymore. And they're free. Do I need to reiterate my stance on that last point? I didn't think so.

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