Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starting Infinity: What To Use?

Hey all folks, Counterfett here on this rainy (again) Sunday morning. Over the past few days, I have been looking at starting up Infinity to supplant a bit of my Wahammer 40k gaming habit. I've got the rules, some terrain, a basic grasp of what I want to do for my games, and a friend who is disgruntled with 40k even more than me willing to throw down for a regular game as we learn Infinity.

Sounds perfect right?

Well, umm, here's where I run into the usual All Things Fett snag. Now I need to decide what models I am going to use for my army. There are some options available that will cost me nothing, and a few that will only cost me a little bit.

Free Options:
  • Warhammer 40k minis. I have a bunch of these, they are already painted, and like I found out from Morgrim a few days ago, they port over in a pretty straightforward manner.
  • Halo Clix Miniatures. I have a bunch of these too, they are pre-painted (ergo, better painted than anything I painted myself), and thematically, they look a little closer to actual Infinity models.
  • AT-43, Same plusses as Halo Clix, but slightly more 'beefy' models. Also, the models I have for this are a little 'beefier' (exo suits, hardsuits, etc.)
  • Dust Tactics. These guys are not all painted, and are a little homogenous due to the fact that I only bought two boxes of Recon Boys.
  • LEGO. Yeah, I have a lot of LEGO minifigs, and it is neat to be able to configure their weapons to fit my army list rather than building a list around what my models show.
Cheap Options:
  • Reaper Chronoscope: I have a pretty good source for getting inexpensive Reaper minis. I like the line a lot, and they have a good eclectic mix of minis that allow for a squad of 'adventurers' a la gaming cliche.
  • Infinty Models. As strage as it seems, though the individual model cost is higher than I usually spring for, you don't need many models for Infinity, so I can actually spring for the real deal. 
There you have it folks! I should have a poll built aroud this today, so if you see it, give it a vote! I'm also looking for advice for what army to play as, since I don't know enough about what everything does to make a good choice. So if you know the game, leave a comment about what army you like and why!


Andy said...

I'm interested to see where you'll be going with this. Have been looking at this game myself for some time now and I'm keen on starting but not keen on spending ... if you catch my drift

Brutorz Bill said...

Some great choices there!
I know little about Infinity, but Legos would be my first choice!

Quaade said...

Take whatever is closest to 28 mm and in a nonheroic scale.
Trust me on this, you will hate yourself if you do with how LoF and cover works if you don't.

Anonymous said...

The infinity miniature really are top notch, but to learn the game and decide if it is something you want to pursue just proxy with whatever you like.
The general consensus is to start out small with three of the basic line troops to go over the core rules of orders, AROs and Face to Face rolls.
I did post a thread over at the BoLS Lounge of Infinity resources which I hope is of use.
Grab a set of quick start rules and if you have any questions head to the official forums where people will gladly answer you questions.
Good luck!

Silar Lannanaris said...

It's already been said but the Infinity line of figures are purely amazing! To play with anything else would just make a :( face. I've got a starter set and was amazed by the quality.