Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet PanOceana Knightly Order Art!

This is the reason that I need to write down where I find stuff. One of the bloggers I follow posted about finding this, and I had to go and get it myself, but I forgot who originally told me about it. So thanks, whoever!
This rather nice piece shows the different heraldic color schemes for the knightly orders of the PanOceana army in Infinity. Well, I guess they are the color schemes for the actual historical knightly orders as well. In any event, a big part of the reason I wanted to show this is that on the far left we have the Knights of Santiago (or Saint James de Compostela, for those of an Anglican bent). This is the scheme and logo I am planning to use for my Order Knights, once I lay my hands on some suitable models.


Morgrim Dark said...

Fett, that was me what posted the knight pic. I like you idea a lot... considered yourself followed as you roll out your non-GW angels (great idea btw).

CounterFett said...

Cool. I was hoping I'd be able to thank whoever turned that up!

So, umm, thanks!