Monday, May 9, 2011

The Weekly Update!

Good morning folks, Counterfett here with your much awaited weekly update!
This week, we had a lot of fun stuff going on. Hopefully I won't forget any of the highlights in my patented bulletpoint list. If I do, feel free to call me on it!
  • Genuine Content Week was a major success. Look to see more actual hobby related work in the near future. I got a good bit of momentum going with this project, and want to capitalize on it!
  • Starship Gaming. I found a cool tabletop Star Cruiser game that meets my requirements of cheapness (free), simplicity (only 2 pages of rules), and replayability (random starship generation means you can literal play a different scenario every time you play.
  • Toy Orders! I have incoming purchases that I will be posting about, hopefully by the end of this week.
  • Polls! Yes folks, I am boldly daring to run two polls at once. Basically, they are such simple questions that even I, cynic that I am (hey, I work for Voidcorp, remember?) feel most people are up to the task. So give 'em a vote already!
  • I won a stylish Blogger award!
  • My Plucky Hero got named. If you missed it, look at one post below, where you get to meet him and see his iconic new gear!
  • I have started another blog, this one pertaining to current world events. Quasi serious, but should be some funny stuff. Give it a look! News By Counterfett
That's it for now, folks. Hopefully we will have some more hobby related content for all you faithful readers soon!

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