Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Weekly Update!

Good morning all! Counterfett here, with your weekly dose of things that are not done enough to even photograph but that I still want to get off my chest.
  • Vacation! I am going on vacation next week. Well, actually I start on Friday, but I am going to be at my brother's graduation on Friday, so don't expect much from me there. There are two ways this can roll; either I am going to post 9 times a day, or be totally absent from my computer for the duration. I guess we'll see. I suspect I will have some painting progress to report on.
  • I've started painting some Kings Of War Ghouls. I got these a long time ago, and they are assembled and primed. I need to finishe repairing my Grave Guard/Revenants, because I think those will be more fun to paint, but for scratching the painting itch last night, the ghouls were good enough.
  • I am going on a diet. Sadly, my desk bound job and my very sedentary hobbies have conspired to rob me of my boyish fit figure.
  • I'm trying to find a good set of fantasy rules to play. See the post below for details on this story, but suffice to say I need some suggestions!
  • Toys Inbound! I know the Toy aspect of my "Toy and Wargame" blog has been a bit thin lately, and I apologize to those of my readers who tune in for this kind of thing. I do have some more goodies inbound from an internet purchase that I will be letting you all know about as soon as they get in.
  • The Poll! The poll about Ice Armor He-Man has been trucking along nicely. If you have not voted yet, it's soon going to be your last chance.
That's it for now, folks.

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