Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chaos Space Marines. Who's Left?

Hey All, Counterfett here! In a long overdue return to wargaming, I have decided to take a look at the boys that started it all, my Chaos Space Marines.

Boy, the CSM codex is a bit dated. It seems to be more so now that I look at it again after not playing it for a while. Last time I seriously took any Chaos Space Marines out for a turn was before the Space Wolves codex hit. CSM was a bit long in the tooth then, but now, after SW, BA, GK, DE, and even the BT and DA FAQs (wow that's a lot of two letter codes!), the poor Legions of the ruinous powers are just rotting on the vine!

I mean, honestly, these are the enemies that shook the gates of the Golden Palace of Terra! Instigated the Istvaan Massacre! Killed the Emperor (sort of)! Is there really only one good build in this codex?

I'll tell you what I am going to do; I am going to put together a Chaos Space Marine list. If it has any optimization in it, it will be completely by coincidence. I am going to put together a fun list, with models that I think look cool and that I want to paint. It's not going to be terribly fluffy either, since I am probably going to have Plague Marines and Oblits (if I can find a good substitute, I still can't stand the Oblits models!). 

Wow, the idea of a project that will make WAAC, FAAC, and Counts-As-Haters take up arms makes me tingly all over. Can't wait to get started.

Oddly, blogger is not letting me upload pics or save or schedule posts. I will edit this with the planned cool pic as soon as it lets me!


HOTpanda said...

What do you have in terms of models and is there a specific legion or chapter that you like?

sonsoftaurus said...

Truly a man after my own heart.

I have every confidence in your being able to find some suitable figures with lots of guns among your extensive toy arsenal.

jabberjabber said...

Got to agree with Sonsoftaurus!

How about an old fashioned gun line army just for a change...?

plainwill said...

i was going to try and make a night lords army but there aren't rules that show what i loved about the fluff of the night lords.

Evan said...

I do general Khorne with Nurgle support myself. My goal is eventually to have a fully playable 2000 pt army of each diety. Good on Khorne and Nurgle. Now just the the other two.