Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Choosing An Infinity Faction: Ariadna

I think this will be the last installment of the 'Choosing a faction..." bent, since this is the last of the three factions I was originally looking at. Now that I have looked at the army builder program and some of the rules, I am pretty sure there is not a good way for me to build a Mercs army, so that one is looking a little less likely, which brings it down to probably being either a Nomads army or the subject of this post, Ariadna.
Ariadna is a faction born of descendants of the first space travelers, who were sucked into a wormhole and stranded on an inhospitable planet full of rare elements. Culturally, these folks were made up of Scots, Americans, and Eastern Europeans. Pretty much it's an excuse to have Highlanders in Space. They are a little 'backwards' in terms of technology level compared to the other factions, but they make up for it with ferocity and werewolves. Scottish...werewolves? With guns? It's like they've been talking to my wife.
In any event, the faction has a lot going for it in terms of interesting troop types, has fun and quirky models, and is an excuse for me to paint Space Werewolves. Other than, you know, Space Wolves. The pictures above are of the Caledonian Highlanders starter pack, as well as another cool model I would pick up, the Caledonian Mormaer, a heavily armored 'noble' trooper with the best armor and weapons available to the faction.

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Paws4thot said...

Take it from someone who actually is Scottish; Scottish werefolk are no more or less likely than the whole concept of werefolk is in the first place.

Unless there's some specific reason in terms of game balance or just plain lack of the concept, Scottish "Berserkers" are reasonably likely too.