Monday, June 13, 2011

Gnomeland Security Recruiting Again!

So the other day while I was picking up the Rock Guitarist figure, I found another two Gnomes, and quicly snapped them up. That means the Gnomeland Security detachment is up to 8 men (gnomen?)

Yeah, I can be pretty absurd. But aint it cool?


Bubbashelby said...

My girlfriend is dying for one of these - what's the trick? Are you using the dot codes, or the squeezy feely method? Because neither has netted one for us!

CounterFett said...

There is only one barcode for wave 3 and later, so I use the Squeezy method. The gnomes are the only one that have the short inflexible legs in wave 4. Also, the hat is an easy tell, plus the fishing pole is the only flexible accessory that long in this wave.

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks for the tips - I feel like Mr. Whipple every time I go looking at these things!