Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just What Is A Gun Line?

Well, like the title says...what is it? I posted yesterday about my intention to cobble together a Chaos Space Marine army, and it was met with overwhelming (for me anyway) support. JabberJabber did comment that he thought it would be funny to build a gunline army for a change. I actually agree.

However, just what is a gunline? If you punch it into google image, you might get an picture like the one above, a Dahlgren rail line gun. As amusing as that might be, I don't think anyone will let me 'forge world' one of those into a game of 40k.

No, when we say gunline in 40k, we usually mean something specific, but just what, exactly? In  my experience, a gun line army is one that is mostly foot, static, and heavy on long range weaponry. What vehicles there are are weapons platforms...tanks rather than transports. This is very much against the common wisdom of Warhammer 40k 5th Netdition.

Since I am talking about heretics, a little heresy of my own seems appropriate.

So let me know what you think? What is a gun-line? What in the Chaos Space Marines codex is appropriate for one?


Anonymous said...

I play an Iron Warriors themed CSM army and i think i've got gunline down fairly well. I Use a defiler with Auto-cannons and Havoc launchers, a vindicator and a predator with whatever guns are necessary. Then just load up on regular marines with heavy weapons in the squad and maybe thousand sons because their guns are fun!

jabberjabber said...

Here's a fun list (but its not a tournament list!) I put together to face off against a balanced space marine force that one of my regular opponents plays. It really took him off guard due to the sheer lack of tanks and I wiped him off the board by the end of turn 4. The second game didn't go so well as he got wise to the list... but it is a fun one!

Daemon Prince, Wings, Doombolt (140)
5 terminators, icon of chaos glory, reaper autocannon, combi-melta, power fist, chain fist (215)
7 plague marines, incl. 1 champion with power fist, 1 melta gun, 1 flamer (221)
10 chaos marines (150)
10 chaos marines, incl. 1 champion with power fist, 1 melta gun, 1 plasma gun, icon of chaos glory (225)
8 raptors, incl. 1 champion with power fist, 2 melta guns, icon of Khorne (250)
6 chaos havocs, 3 missile launchers (150)
2 obliterators (150)

total=1501 points.


Fuzzbuket said...

guns, on foot in a line.

so thats lotsa tacticals, havocs and stuff,

with chaos id try to fit in as many meltas as possible!