Monday, June 20, 2011

LEGO Terraria Webisode 2! Back In Action

Newly girded for battle with copper helm, chestplate, and shortsword, our bold spelunker engages a skeleton in slightly less unequal terms!

The first task in a new game of Terraria is getting yourself some gear. The world is a hostile place, full of evil creatures, most of which want to eat or otherwise molest you. If you don't have the gear to hold them off, you are really just out of luck!

I remember starting out and having enough copper to finally build some armor so that I at least didn't get killed by slimes. I like the shortsword, though I have not seen any other gamers use it. Instead of an overhead swing like the game's broadswords, it has a very quick, short forward stab. No good for flying enemies, but just right for the careful tunneling you do at the beginning of the game. My favorite tactic vs. skeletons at this junction was opening a 1 block gap (it takes three for a character or skeleton to go through) so the skellie would try and push through, then let him have it with several quick stabs of the short sword.

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